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Markoa’s goal is to educate people regarding buying, selling, building value or investing in businesses with profits up to $1,000,000. Markoa offers public speaking, instruction, and workshops to business and community organizations and educational institutions whose purpose is to empower commerce, entrepreneurs, or students.

The Entrepreneurial Challenge

The sale or acquisition of a small business is a complex process that impacts those involved and the associated business community. Educating a local or niche business group on the basics and process of a business transfer can have a substantial and lasting impact on the health of that business community. An experienced presenter and refined presentation are necessary to deliver the desired results.

Stepping into the business transfer arena unprepared will put the first-time buyer or seller on a path that will not deliver best-case results. Most buyers and sellers will go through this process only once in their lives. It is a crucial step that needs to be done right, but, unfortunately, most enter the business transfer arena unprepared.

Before engaging business brokers, M & A professionals, or other industry vendors, every business buyer or seller should have three things in place:

  • Understanding of the Basics
    A basic understanding of the vendors, resources, fundamentals of the business sales & acquisitions market. As well as familiarity of the sale cycle and timeframes, valuation and funding, exit options, buyer types, associated costs and risks, ROI factors, understanding of key deal points in a business transaction, and much more.
  • Custom, Self-Serving Game Plan
    An insightful customized game plan for moving forward on their terms with their unique goals as the priority. Including an understanding of the path to attain those goals, related expenses and effort required, and a vendor and resource selection plan that includes negotiating commissions and costs.
  • Value Building Opportunities Clarified
    An understanding of how to identify opportunities to increase the value of any small business. Knowing how to estimate the time, effort, and expense required for each option and the projected value increases.

With these three understood, owners and entrepreneurs can make the right decisions, command the process, reduce costs, select the right vendors, and attain their best-case results.

Markoa’s Solution

Markoa solves the entrepreneurial challenge by educating people regarding buying, selling, building value, or investing in privately held American businesses with adjusted profits (EBITDA) up to $1,000,000.

In-person or online, Markoa offers public speaking, group instruction, and hands-on workshops to business, community, and educational organizations that support commerce, entrepreneurs, or students.

With certifications in instructional design and facilitation, we have developed and delivered training courses for thousands of professionals over the past 25 years.

The training plan can be a general “Buying, Selling, or Investing in a Small Business,” a focused plan on specific topics like value building, or we can develop a custom plan for your niche or needs. Course time and agendas vary based on your requirements, but the most popular three formats are:

  • 90-minute business transfer introduction class.
  • 4-hour business transfer market and transaction methodology course.
  • 6-hour hands-on workshop customized to the participants.

All training programs come with an associated Digital Tool Kit packed with valuable resources needed to help buy, sell, or invest in small businesses, as well as a digital copy of the presentation and associated notes.


The value of Markoa’s Public Speaking and Group Instruction is high, but our cost is not. Call or Text 541.390.7653, email, or fill out the form on the Get Started page to find out more about empowering your business community while working within your budget.

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