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Selling a business is a significant event in any owner’s life. Our job at Markoa is to make sure you have the resources and support to command the sale of your enterprise and own your legacy.

For business owners, we can prepare you to enter the business sales & acquisitions market successfully. We can facilitate building business value. We provide a complete solution and support for those that are a fit for our For Sale By Owner offering.

For those commerce-promoting organizations and educational institutions, we can empower your business communities and students through preparation and education regarding all things small business sales and acquisitions.

To start the process, call or text 541.390.7653, email or fill out the form below. We can answer any preliminary questions then set up a time for a Discovery Call or appropriate next actions.

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Through preparation and understanding, Markoa helps business owners when it comes time for them to sell and make the most out of the hard-earned equity.

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