Business Value Building

Developed for business owners who plan on selling their business but require a higher sale price than the current market value. Owners who are seeking a turnkey solution to attract more buyers and make more money from the sale of their enterprise.

The Need

There are a variety of reasons why an owner may need more capital from the proceeds of their business sale. How to increase business value is an unknown and challenging task for most sellers. A proven system and coaching accountability can deliver results that equate to more money at closing. This is where a confidential outside perspective and a facilitated methodology are needed.

Solutions & Deliverables

Markoa offers niche coaching services proven to increase the value and improve the saleability of your business. The industry-leading Value Builder System™ facilitates our service. This system enables our methodology of testing, measuring, and reviewing the critical value drivers of your business and allows us to implement a tactical plan to improve each driver. The complete Value Builder Engagement comes with 12 modules delivered over 10 to 12 months. The process may be truncated and customized if your situation requires it.

What You Gain

A proven, facilitated methodology that delivers results.
Increased market value and improved saleability of your enterprise.
Ability to step away from your business as an operator.
Four hours of coaching for each of the 12 Value Builder modules.
Understanding of the business sales & acquisitions market and the sales process.
Insight into business buyer types and how they will value your business.

Opinion of Value of your business and SBA valuation basics.

Access to the Value Builder System and its reports, surveys, tools, and processes.
Sample Offer (Letter of Intent) customized to your specific firm.
Access to additional unbiased, confidential advisory services upon request.

Investment & Terms

Complete Value Builder Engagement investment is $11,950 for the 12 module Business Value Building Service. $5,975 due before kick-off. The remaining $5,975 due at the beginning of the 7th module.

Discounted Support Rate = $85/hr for the first 4 hours of support outside of the Value Builder Engagement. Additional support is only necessary if you require other services beyond the standard deliverables listed above.

Ongoing Support Rate = $135/hr for ongoing custom support upon request.

Ready to Invest in Your Next Steps?

If you’re seeking a solution to attract more buyers and make more money from a business sale, Business Value Building is what you need. Let Markoa fight for your legacy.