The Market Warrior

The ancient Hawaiian Koa warriors were elite and skilled fighters for the islands. Markoa is where market (Mar) meets force (Koa). We will fight for your business when called upon, but our goal is to empower you to be in control of your legacy. We appreciate the time, effort, capital invested, and sacrifices you have made for your enterprise. You’ve earned what comes next. Markoa delivers what you need to attain your goals and own your legacy.



The Markoa Story

Markoa CEO Brody Mape

I’m Brody Mape. I developed Markoa to give business owners access to what is best for them when entering and navigating the business transfer market and help owners make the most of their hard-earned equity.

After years of experience as a business broker, it became clear that the game has unfortunate flaws. These flaws kept me from delivering the best possible solutions to my clients and blocked their access to what they needed to attain best-case results.

I found various obstacles presented by industry-standard practices, the brokerage model, vendor bias, ineffective resources, and unprepared owners. These obstacles have produced several challenges for those selling a business, challenges I am determined to disrupt and solve.

The motivation to create Markoa sparked when I attended an industry conference in 2018 and met John Warillow, a successful entrepreneur and founder of the Value Builder System. His system deliverers a proven solution that fills one of the seller’s challenges and provides for the many owners who want to increase business value. John gave me the out-of-the-box perspective I needed to develop the solutions to the remaining seller challenges. And, with that, the seeds of Markoa were planted.

I tasked myself with developing best-of-breed solutions and mastering the Value Builder System. I leveraged my success in the field as a business broker and started with my proven system. Then, I filled in the gaps with research, networking, and certifications.

Today I am proud to offer Markoa’s set of unique and valuable services to the community of business owners considering the sale of their enterprise. Our services empower business owners to make the most from the sale of their business and attain their goals for what comes next.

You built it. You’ve earned it. Own Your Legacy.

— Brody T. Mape

Brody’s Background


 In 2002, while seeking to acquire a business, I discovered business brokers and the business and sales acquisitions market. Having entrepreneurs on every branch of my family tree, I was intrigued by the idea of helping business owners with this important transaction. So, I changed gears and became a business broker.

After beginning with Sunbelt Business Brokers in Southern California, I joined the International Business Brokers Association in 2002. I earned the industry’s top accreditation, the Certified Business Intermediary designation (CBI), in 2005. I went independent and spent a couple of years with Freedom Business Brokers of Orange County, California. All before relocating to Bend, Oregon, at the end of 2005. I joined Central Oregon’s top commercial real estate brokerage, Compass Commercial, where I established a dedicated business sales and acquisitions department and ran it successfully through 2009.

During the recession, I decided to take a break from business transfers and launched a startup, which I ran for several years in Bend, Oregon. It was an excellent experience that provided a perspective that helped shape and appreciate the need for Markoa.

In 2017 I returned full-time to business sales & acquisitions and immediately came across the same challenges with the industry I had seen before. That is when the story of Markoa began.


I’ve been facilitating success for business owners for over 25 years, and I love it. My most significant qualifications are my respect for entrepreneurs and appreciation for what the sale of their business means to them. I am passionate, dedicated, and excellent at my craft. My experience and education uniquely qualify me to develop and deliver Markoa’s customized services.



25+ years of experience working directly with small and mid-sized business owners in a consultative or instructional manner.


10+ years of success as a business broker or business transfer advisor.


Certified Business Intermediary, initial certification in 2005, recertified in 2019.


Certified Value Builder Advisor, certified in 2019.


Developed and delivered customized training for thousands of businesspeople in person and online.


An active member of the International Business Brokers Association.


Training Development and Instruction Certification.


Delivered dozens of speaking engagements and instructional courses regarding how to buy, sell, or invest in a small business.


Entrepreneurship: owned and operated small businesses in California, Colorado, and Oregon.


Sold my own business in California.

Relevant Education

Value Builder System   2019 – Present

  • VBS Advisor Certification Program
  • Coach Masters – VBS Best Practices
  • Rocket Launch – Practice Management

International Business Brokers Association   2002 – 2009, 2017 – Present

  • All CBI certification requirements and much more
  • Countless Conference workshops

Business Broker Press   2002 – 2009, 2017 – Present

  • Industry and Instructional Texts
  • Webinar Series

California Association of Business Brokers   2002 – 2005

  • Industry-related courses and workshops

Sunbelt Business Brokers   2002 – 2003

  • New Broker Instruction Program and hands-on training

California Department of Real Estate   2002

  • Real Estate Salesperson License

Langevin Learning Services   2001

  • Certified Instructional Designer/Developer
  • Certified Instructor/Facilitator

Sales and Management Training   2000-2001

  • Miller Heiman Sales & Management Training
  • Solution Selling Sales Training

New Horizons Computer Learning Center   1996

  • Expert in the use of word processing, presentation software, spreadsheets, database management, desktop publishing, financial software, and Internet fundamentals.

University of Colorado at Boulder   1994

  • Bachelor of Science Degree : Psychology
  • Bachelor of Science Degree : Communication


Ready to Invest in Your Next Steps?

You are in good hands with Markoa. Our experience and skill set are what you need to assist in attaining your business sale goals. Let Markoa be a part of the fight for your legacy.