Why Markoa

Before entering the business transfer market, Markoa educates and empowers business owners to take the right path and successfully command the process and vendors.

Prepare and Empower

Markoa helps owners avoid business sale and acquisition problems and get the most out of their equity by starting them out with an informed and custom game plan.

Increase Market Value

Markoa identifies opportunities to increase business value before going to market. We offer a proven, industry-leading platform for building market value.

A New Solution

Markoa’s unique service presents all Exit Options to business owners considering selling, without bias, ensuring they will take the right path.

at markoa, we help you 

Own Your Legacy

Markoa helps business owners when first considering the sale of their enterprise. Stepping blindly into the business sales & acquisitions market is a common and severe mistake business owners make regarding the sale of their business. It’s easy to avoid the market’s shortcomings with education and access to the right resources.

Markoa’s core service, Business Transfer Preparation, provides business owners with the confidence, understanding, methodology, toolset, and access to industry resources, allowing them to make the best decisions possible and attain the most from their hard-earned business equity.

Markoa’s business sale services are designed for owners of privately held American small to mid-sized businesses. Businesses with adjusted profits of $100,000 to $1,000,000.

All of Markoa’s business sale services are provided in confidence. Our systems and methods are designed to keep your communication, business information, and documentation confidential and secure.

The Markoa

Why, How, and What


Markoa was developed to empower business owners who want the most out of their equity and avoid the challenges of the business sales & acquisitions market. The complexity, variety of options, emotional factors, and vendor bias have created an extremely challenging sales process. Owners who enter the space without an informed game plan will fall short of best-case results.

We’ve seen what a business sale means for the owner and the impact on their future and legacy. The manner of exit, money collected, and satisfaction with the process and results all influence the quality of what comes next. Of all the deals a business owner encounters, this is the one that needs to be done right.

Markoa is committed to taking care of owners when they need it most. We set them up to achieve best-case results so they can own their legacy. Before engaging business brokers, M & A professionals, or other industry vendors, every business owner should have three things in place:


An understanding of the critical aspects and vendors of the business sales & acquisitions market, the sales cycle and related resources, an opinion of value, buyer types, and all relevant options regarding the exit of their business.

Strategy & Access

An insightful customized game plan for moving forward on their terms with their unique goals as the priority. The plan should include a toolset, systems, methodology, vendor and resource selection, and tactics for cost negotiations.

Value Building Potential

An understanding of any opportunities to increase the value of their business before taking it to market. Awareness of the time, effort, and money required for each option and their projected value increases.


Markoa provides a single solution for all three by providing:

  • Unbiased, customized, and in-person instruction.
  • Understanding of the business sales & acquisitions market.
  • Knowledge of the alternate Exit Options.
  • Insight into the sales cycle and resources for each step.
  • Discussion of buyer types and how each values a business.
  • Expenses, timeframe, and responsibility expectations.
  • A proven business transaction methodology and toolset.
  • The industry-leading Value Builder System™.
  • Estimated current market value and how it was reached.
  • Options and game plans for increasing value.
  • A customized, informed game plan for moving forward.
  • Ongoing support if, when, and how we are needed.


Markoa empowers our clients with confidence and the understanding to navigate the business sales & acquisitions market and make the best decisions possible. We help develop and implement customized plans to meet the owner’s unique needs, business profile, and current market factors. We facilitate the process of building market value. We save our clients time and money and avoid much of the frustration of selling a business.

Markoa helps owners choose the right path, select appropriate vendors and resources, and prepare for negotiating vendor expenses.

Markoa sets up each client to attain their best-case results and accomplish a good deal done right. Markoa’s business sale services are customizable, provide clarity, make you more money, and help you achieve your goals. We will always be here to support our clients as needed.


Stay in control, keep your equity, Own Your Legacy

Markoa’s Business Transfer Preparation services, along with our commitment to confidentiality, will give you the confidence and insight you need to make the most out of the business equity you have built.